The Caracremada, the name was known to Ramon Vila, was born in the village bergadán Peguera, which is considered the last Catalan machinery fought until the end of his life against Franco.


Ramon Vila Capdevila (Peguera, Berguedà, 1908 - Castellnou de Bages, 1963) also known by the nicknames of face cream (burnt face), and Peus Llargs (feet long) was an anarcho-syndicalist CNT during the Second Spanish Republic.

French resistance fighter during World War II guerrilla Franco until his death in 1963. It was the latest machinery that stood up to Franco. Always showed great courage, boldness and knowledge of the geographical environment that allowed a long life in hiding, sabotaging the regime, until in an ambush in Castellnou de Bages, was killed by the bullets of the Civil Guard.


The route that use the name "Caracremada" answers to the following reasons related to the aforementioned character:


- The Caracremada was very knowledgeable about the area, the fact i use your name for the route is a way of linking the landscape, the mountains and the recent history of these places pre Pyrenees.


- The Caracremada came from a family of farmers in the areas of Upper and Upper Solsonés Berguedà, so that paternal and maternal roots were closely related to various places through which runs the route.


- As a last Catalan machinery and the fact that his life was always related to the fight against Nazism and Franco, the Caracremada is a very emblematic of the area being considered as the true outlaw the twentieth century.


- As machinery that constantly had to flee the regime's security forces, the Caracremada knew like the back of your hand these mountains, where he had his main hideouts and shelters.